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Update your firmware before your next trip! - News / Announcements - inReach Support Center

May 20 2014

Update your firmware before your next trip!

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Please update your firmware before your next trip.

Dear inReach Customer,

In order to have the optimum experience with your inReach, please take a few minutes to update your firmware. Recent firmware updates include exciting new features like the ability to lock your screen, view your location, alert volume enhancement, improved tracking, contacts syncing, power management and performance improvements, and various fixes.

To update your firmware, have your inReach handy and visit our Explore site. Click on the Sync tab and follow the instructions.


We are continuously looking to enhance the inReach experience and improve its performance. So it is important to visit your Explore account regularly to check for firmware upgrades as a part of your trip preparation routine.

Once you have logged into the Explore site, if you have any questions about updating your firmware, please contact us. You can reach the inReach Canada Customer Care Team via our contact page or our inReach Canada Technical Support Team at or by calling 1-800-337-3155.

The inReach Canada Team


inReach SE firmware update version number 2.5 


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