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Weather Forecast Details for the inReach SE and inReach Explorer - Knowledgebase / inReach Devices / inReach SE / How-To - inReach Support Center

Weather Forecast Details for the inReach SE and inReach Explorer

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The inReach SE, inReach Explorer, inReach SE+, and inReach Explorer+ offer the ability to request weather forecasts. Below you will find the details related to each of the forecast types which can be selected when requesting a weather forecast.

NOTE: Messages from your message alottment will be deducted as well as additional charges may apply based on the type of weather forecast requested. Please see our rate plans section for further details.

Land forecasts come from Dark Sky, a leading provider of weather data around the globe. Marine forecasts are based on OCENS premium marine weather data.

Basic Forecast

Basic forecasts include a 2-day forecast where the first 12 hours are displayed in 2-hours increments and the next 36 hours are displayed in 6-hour increments

Premium Forecast

Premium forecasts include a 7-day forecast displayed in varying increments (1-2 hour increments for the first day, 3-6 hour increments for the next day and 12-hour increments for the remaining 5 days).

Premium Marine Forecast

In addition to the details of the Premium forecast, the Marine forecast also includes wave height, ocean current, and visibility details.

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