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Using Google Earth to Show Tracking

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You can use the Explorer portal KML feed to display data on Google Earth. This allows you to view tracking data outside the portal on a variety of map types. This can also be used to show tracking data from different inReach accounts on one map.

Here are the steps to set this up:

1. Download and install Google Earth:

2. Login to

3. Click on the "Social" tab

4. Click on the "Feeds" link

5. Copy the full URL under the "KML Loader" header

6. Open Google Earth

7. Click on "Add"

8. Click on "Network Link"

9. Provide a name for your feed

10. Past the KML loader link into the "Link" field

11. Click on the "Refresh" tab and select 10 minutes

12. Click on the "OK" button


The feed will now appear in Google Earth. Once tracking data is sent from the device it will start automatically populating.

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