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Using Extended Tracking on an inReach SE and inReach Explorer - Knowledgebase / inReach Devices / inReach SE / How-To - inReach Support Center

Using Extended Tracking on an inReach SE and inReach Explorer

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Using the Extended Tracking mode (with a clear view to the sky) can increase the device’s battery life by days or even weeks. Messaging and SOS are still available in this mode, but some features are automatically disabled.


An inReach SE/Explorer must be updated to at least firmware version 2.6.3 to use Extended Tracking. To check the firmware version on your inReach device go to Settings > About This Device.

To update the firmware on your device, please see the following articles:

inReach Sync for Windows

inReach Sync for Mac

Extended Tracking will disable several features of the inReach SE/Explorer to conserve the battery life of the unit for tracking. DO NOT use Extended Tracking if you have a need for one or more of the features in the list below.

  • Bluetooth
  • Message Listens
  • Navigation - inReach Explorer only
  • Track Logging - inReach Explorer only

Extended Tracking does not change or affect the track Moving/Send Interval for the inReach device. If any of these options are manually turned on after Extended Tracking is enabled the device will automatically leave the Extended Tracking mode.

Extended Tracking can be enabled by following the instructions below.

1. Turn on the inReach SE/Explorer.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Tracking.
4. Select Extended Tracking.
5. Select On.
6. Select OK. The display of the inReach SE/Explorer will confirm that it is in extended tracking mode by displaying the letters XT next to the battery indicator in the status bar of the device.

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