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Updating Billing Info, Processing Payment & Viewing Invoices - Knowledgebase / Service/Account Management - inReach Support Center

Updating Billing Info, Processing Payment & Viewing Invoices

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Follow the steps below on how to update your billing information, process an online payment & view your invoices

Log in to 

  • For standard accounts, click the "Account" tab.
  • For professional accounts, click the "Settings" tab.

Solution: Update Billing Information

1. Click the Edit Billing Info button located in the Billing section to update your billing information.

2. Update your billing information and press Save when done.


Solution: Process Payment

1. Click the Add Funds button.

2. Enter the desired amount you wish to process payment for and click Add Funds.


3. Confirm you have entered the correct amount and click Add Funds to process payment.

4. You will be provided with confirmation once your payment has been processed.


Solution: View Invoices

1. Click the "View Invoices" button and you will be presented with a list of invoices.

2. Select the desired invoice from list and click the View button.

3. The selected invoice will be displayed.



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