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Starting & Stopping Tracking with inReach SE+ / Explorer+

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Tracking records your path. When you start tracking, your device logs your location and updates the track line on the map at the specified log interval. Your device records track points and transmits them over the satellite network at the specified send interval. You can view the number of track points sent, storage space remaining, and time until the tracking log storage is full. 

TIP: You can adjust the tracking log interval and the tracking send interval to capture the level of detail required or to maximize battery life by going to Settings > Tracking.


This article explains how to start and stop tracking.


Start Tracking

1. Select Tracking and press   

2. Select Start and press  to start tracking.

3. Select an option:

Select Share and press  to send a message that you are starting your trip.

Select Not Now and press  to immediately start tracking. 


Stop Tracking

1. Select Tracking and press   

2. Select Stop and press  to stop tracking.

3. Select Stop and press  to confirm you would like to stop tracking.

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