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Soft Reset inReach Device

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The inReach SE and Explorer can be soft reset by holding the X and down arrow buttons until the device powers off.  Once the device has powered off, use the check mark button to power it back on and return to normal function. 

The inReach SE+ and Explorer+ can be soft reset by holding down the X button and power buttons together.

This key combination can be used in the following scenarios:

There may be scenarios where a soft reset will not work and a hard reset is required.  A hard reset involves holding down the X, down arrow, and check mark button  simultaneously for the inReach SE and Explorer device.  For the SE+ and Explorer+ hold down the X button, down arrow button, and power button.  The device will  enter "firmware update mode". Below is an article that will take you through the hard reset steps for inReach SE and inReach Explorer device that will not power on:

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