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Replacing an inReach Device on the Explore Portal - Knowledgebase / inReach Devices - inReach Support Center

Replacing an inReach Device on the Explore Portal

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If you purchase a new device to replace an older device, please follow the steps below to perform a device swap.

Please note:  Swapping the device will an inReach Mini will not work for Roadpost customers. If you have questions regarding this restriction, please contact Roadpost customer service

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the Plans & Devices tab
  3. Click on the Add inReach Device button
  4. Click on the I Am Switching button

5.  A prompt will appear.  Select the device you want to replace followed by the IMEI number and authorization code of the new device.  These number can be found by powering on your new inReach device.

6. A processing window will appear. Do not navigate away from the window while its processing or else the system will cancel the change.

7. After 10 minutes, the switch will be completed. The old device will be deactivated and the new device will inherit the plan from the previous device.  You will not be charged another activation fee for performing this swap. 

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