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Reactivating Service Plan in the Explore portal - Knowledgebase / Service/Account Management - inReach Support Center

Reactivating Service Plan in the Explore portal

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Please follow these steps to reactivate your inReach service:

1. Login to .

2. Click on the Plans & Devices tab. Note: If no devices appear under the Plans & Devices tab, your device was previously deactivated. Click the Add inReach Device button to add your device. 

3. Click on the Edit button located under the "Subscription" heading. 

4. Click on the Reactivate button.

5. Select a new plan then click the Reactivate button.

6. The system will take a few minutes to process the plan change. 

7. It is recommended that you sync your inReach device before leaving. The steps for syncing can be found here.  Note: If you own an older inReach Original device (no screen), consult this article for updating your device.

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