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Pairing inReach SE+ / Explorer+ with Android - Knowledgebase / Earthmate App / Android / How-To - inReach Support Center

Pairing inReach SE+ / Explorer+ with Android

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You must pair your inReach+ device with your mobile device to use the Earthmate app.

This article explains how to pair your inReach+ with Android.

1. Using your Android mobile device, navigate to Settings.

2. Select Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on. Your Android mobile device will begin scanning.

3. Place the inReach device and your mobile device within 3 m (10 ft.) of each other.

4. On the inReach device, select Settings > Bluetooth > Pair Device > Pair Device.

5. On your Android mobile device, select the inReach XXXXXXXX entry once it appears.

6. Once connected, the inReach will display Pairing Successful at the top of the screen. 

7. From the Play Store on your Android mobile device, install and open Earthmate to begin using the Bluetooth features.

After the devices are paired, they will connect automatically when they are powered on and within range.


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