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Pairing inReach (Original) to Android - Knowledgebase / Getting Started - inReach Support Center

Pairing inReach (Original) to Android

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An inReach and an Android device must be paired to be used together. Use the instructions below to pair an inReach and Android.

Note: Click here for instructions on how to pair an inReach SE or inReach Explorer to an iOS device.


To Pair an inReach SE  or inReach Explorer to Android

  1. Open the Earthmate Android app.
    Note: The Earthmate app is a free download from the Google Play Store.

  2. If it is your first time opening the app you will be prompted to pair your inReach device on the first screen presented. Tap the Pair button to begin and then tap "Tap here if your inReach Device does not have a screen" to get started.
  3. If you did not pair your device when you first opened the app, or to pair the device again, start with the More Options Icon in the Earthmate App.

  4. Tap Pair and when presented with the instructions tap "Tap here if your inReach Device does not have a screen". Follow the instructions in the app to complete the pairing process.
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