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Managing Profiles for inReach Enterprise

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The Enterprise web portal now allows Administrators to create standard device profiles to be applied to each of their devices. These profiles can be created for specific sub-groups, or can be applied to all devices on the account. Assigning a profile lets the account Administrator control which icons appear on the devices’ menu, what the standard device setup options presented will be, and also controls if the user can access any the options at all.

1. To begin using Profiles on your account, navigate to the Groups & Users tab and select Manage Profiles.

2. You now have the ability to customize the existing profile or create as many additional profiles as you desire for both device types, inReach SE and inReach Explorer. 

a. To customize the existing profile, select the desired device type, drag and drop the icons amongst any of the 3 screens displayed. Icons can also be removed entirely by dragging them to the Removed from inReach section. Select Save Changes when finished. 

Note: The SOS button cannot be removed from the menu, only moved to a different screen.

b. To create a new profile, select New Profile, and give your profile a name. 

c. To reset or undo all changes to a specific device profile, select Restore Defaults.


3. Device settings can also be configured for all devices with this profile.  Here you can configure the default settings as well as the settings presented to the device user. You can also remove options from the device, or completely hide the ability to modify an option.

a. Expand the desired inReach Setting from the menu below and make any necessary changes. 

b. Once all profile settings have been setup as per your requirements, select Save Changes at the top of the screen followed by Done.


4. Now that you’ve finished creating or customizing a profile, you must assign the profile to your Users accounts, and perform a sync. Click here for assistance with assigning a profile to a User or a Group of users.

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