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inReach SE or inReach Explorer Does Not Power On

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If your inReach SE or Explorer device has suddenly powered off and does not respond to charging, please do the following to recover your device:

1. Plug your device into AC power for a few minutes. Keep the device plugged in even if there is no indication that the device is charging.

2. Hold down the , down arrow , and checkmark keys .

3. The device will display the firmware update mode screen, leave the device as is.

4. Remove the device from the AC charger and plug into your computer.

5. Launch the inReach Sync Client.

6. The inReach Sync client will display the following:

7. Click on "Yes" to begin loading on the newest firmware.

8. Once the firmware has been loaded, click "Sync" to sync your personal information.

9. Once the update has completed, restart the device and it will operate normally.

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