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Enable Tracking on the Earthmate app for Android

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Enable Tracking on the Android Earthmate app:

1. Open the Earthmate app.

2. Tap on the settings icon , then tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Tracking.

4. Tap on Send Interval to select how often the inReach will send to the Explore portal.

5. Tap on the Log Interval if you want to log your position data to the inReach device without transmitting it (This will only work for inReach Explorer, inReach Explorer+ and inReach SE+ devices).

6. Press on the Android back button .


7. Tap on the menu icon .

8. Tap on Tracking.

9. Tap on Interval.

10. Tap on the desired interval.

11. Tap on Start Tracking.

12. Tracking will continue until you tap on Stop Tracking.


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