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Edit MapShare Messages on the Consumer Portal

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Editing Preset Messages

  1. Log in at the Garmin Explore Website
  2. Select Messages at the top of the page
  3. Select Edit next to the Preset Message to be changed
  4. Enter the text of your Preset Message in the first available field
    • Note: Presets are limited to 160 characters
  5. Enter the recipients
    • You can enter email addresses, SMS numbers or inReach addresses. SMS numbers must be entered as (minus the brackets): +[Country Code][SMS number]
    • Separate each number or address with a comma. For example:, +18008001020
  6. If desired, select the checkbox next to MapShare to send your Preset Messages to the MapShare
    Note: This option only appears if you have enabled MapShare from your online account under Social

  7. Select Done

Repeat this process for each Preset Message you wish to edit. When finished, sync your device so the Preset Messages are updated on the inReach.

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