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Declaring an SOS using inReach SE+ / Explorer+

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During an emergency, you can contact the GEOS International Emergency Rescue Coordination Center (IERCC) to request help. Pressing the SOS key sends a message to the rescue coordination center, and they notify the appropriate emergency responders of your situation. You can communicate with the rescue coordination center during your emergency while you wait for help to arrive. You should only use the SOS function in a real emergency situation.

This article explains how to declare an SOS rescue.

NOTE: While in SOS mode, the status bar at the top is red and the device cannot be turned off.

1. Lift the protective cap ❶ from the SOS key ❷.

2. Hold down the SOS key.

3. Wait for the SOS countdown.

NOTE: The device sends a default message to the emergency response service with details about your location.

4. Reply to the confirmation message from the emergency response service.

NOTE: Your reply lets the emergency response service know that you are capable of interacting with them during the rescue.

IMPORTANT: For the first 10 minutes of your rescue, an updated location is sent to the emergency response service every minute. To conserve battery power after the first 10 minutes, an updated location is sent every 10 minutes when moving, and every 30 minutes when stationary.


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