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Creating & Configuring Users for inReach Enterprise

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Creating Users, Configuring Preset Messages, Quick-Text Messages and Contact for inReach Enterprise


1.  To create a user in the Enterprise portal, navigate to the Groups & Users tab and click the New User button. You will need details such as the user’s profile information, address and emergency contact details.  Once the user details have been entered, click Save.

2.  Once you've created the user, click the More Details button.  This will take you back into the user profile where you can now define Preset and Quick Text Messages by selecting the Messages tab.

3.  To update the user’s contacts, select the Contacts tab and click the Add button.  Enter the contact details and click Done.


4.  Once the user profile has been configured, you can now add and/or assign a user to a device.  To add a new device and/or assign a user, please see Adding & Assigning Devices for inReach Enterprise.


  • Once an admin or user email is created, it cannot be used in another account.
  • Once the users are assigned to the devices, they will be prompted to log into the portal with a temporary password.



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