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Changing & Suspending Service Plans for inReach Pro Plans

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Follow the steps below to change your service plan, perform a suspension or reactivate your device using inReach for Pro Plans

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1. To change service plans, perform a suspension or reactivate your device, navigate to the "Devices" tab.

2.  Check off the boxes corresponding to the devices you wish to make service plan changes to.

  • To change your plan or suspend your service, select "Change Plan"
  • To reactivate/resume your service, select "Activate"

Note: Selecting mulitple devices will result in the same change being applied to each of the selected devices, otherwise you must repeat this process for each individual device.

3.  If you've selected Change Plan, select the plan you wish to change your selected device(s) to and click on the “Change Service” button.  Select the “Suspension Plan” if you wish to temporarily suspend your service for a lower monthly fee.  

Note: While your service is suspended, your device will not transmit and your GEOS subscription (if applicable) will also be suspended.

4.  You will be prompted to confirm the change which displays the monthly plan fee in addition to any GEOS services (if applicable).  Accept the terms and select "Continue" to proceed.

5.  Your device(s) will be updated and your new service plan will be reflected in the device grid.


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