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Changing Bluetooth Settings on inReach SE+ / Explorer+ - Knowledgebase / inReach Devices / inReach SE+ / How-To - inReach Support Center

Changing Bluetooth Settings on inReach SE+ / Explorer+

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The Bluetooth Settings menu allows you to pair and manage Bluetooth connections using your inReach device.

When paired to your compatible smartphone or mobile device you can use the Earthmate app. The Earthmate app allows to use and control inReach features on the larger, higher resolution touchscreen of your mobile device.    

To change your Bluetooth Settings:

1. Select Settings and press 

2. Select Bluetooth and press 

3. Select an option from the list and press 


Enables Bluetooth wireless technology.

Pair Device

Connects your device with a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile device. This setting allows you to use Bluetooth connected features using the Earthmate app.


Displays the current Bluetooth connection status, and allows you to remove a paired device.

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