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Adding & Assigning Devices for inReach Enterprise

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Adding & Assigning Devices for inReach Enterprise


1.  To add or activate an inReach device in your Enterprise portal, navigate to the Devices tab and select the Add Device button.

2.  Enter in your IMEI and Auth code, select your desired data plan, and click Add Devices.

Note: Selecting the “No Plan” option allows you to upload your devices into your account without activating them.  You can log in at any time and activate these devices at a later date.  Please note that an activation fee will apply per device.  You will receive a confirmation email with all of the pricing details once your devices are activated.

3.  Once you have activated your devices, you can proceed with assigning the devices to users. Assigning a device to a user ensures that all messages are successfully transmitted.

4.  Check off the device you wish to assign in the device grid and select the “Assign” button.  

5. A pop up will present you with a list of users on the account that you can assign the device to.  Select a user and then click on the Assign button.

6.  Now that the device has been successfully assigned to a user, you can sync your device using the inReach Sync application.  For instructions on how to sync your inReach device, click Synching your inReach for inReach Enterprise

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